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Also since it has been requested multiple times here's the 1.4 raw code for use with Dolphin emu (≥ 5.0). Reminder that some stuff won't work and I don't have time to fix codes for emu.



Hey, I've been thinking about a few suggestions for the practice codes, and so I'm going to list them here.

1) Could you add Pinna 8 as a sublevel (kind of like Mecha Bowser, but instead C-DOWN-RIGHT + X) and you could you also fix an issue where after you finish the Pinna 8 mission, the shine spawns, and you cannot reload the level (even if you exit area entirely) until you restart your Wii.

2) Could you turn the Dialogue thing ("!!!" and "insert normal text here") into a toggle with only D-PAD UP or D-PAD DOWN? It could free up one of the D-PAD directions for another idea that I will list below.

3) Could you add a "Simulate Exit-Area" code on of the D-PAD directions after freeing-up one of them so that when it is pressed, it simulates an exit-area so we just hold the button combinations as we press it, and we can "exit-area" faster and in areas that don't have an exit-area button, like the 4th idea mentioned below?

4) This isn't as important/necessary as the other suggestions I have, but could you add a warp to Airstrip (Neutral C-Stick + XL) and make it reloadable via the "Simulate Exit-Area" code by holding Z, and could you do the simulate thing on after the Fludd Cutscenes (when you first spawn out of the cutscene in which you Fludd for the first time)

Edit #1: 5) There have been reports that Manta is broken on practice codes. (A Manta gets sprayed and just vanishes completely, a good example of it can be found here: ) Could that be fixed?

I'm probably going to edit this post and add more later.


1) Sure. Didn't know about Pinna 8 not reloading, gonna look into it. Thanks for the info.

For 2) 3) and 4) The goal is to have Z resetting the stage without exiting the area, similiar to what you suggested in 3). While it currently works on emu it actually hardlocks the Wii. Gonna look if I can add Airstrip separately.

5) I saw that clip on discord but afaik this was the only case where this happened? Haven't seen anyone else mentioning it.

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Hey, thanks for the reply! 😃

For 2) 3) and 4) that sounds like a great plan 🙂

For 5), it happens usually to the smaller Mantas, they vanish while not being at their smallest state. I don't have any video of it, but you can try it yourself.


These codes are amazing, but I have one troubleshooting question. For some reason, many of the new features are working exactly as intended for me (99 lives, dialogue replacement, special loads with neutral c-stick), but some of them aren't working properly (reloading in Sirena Hotel resets the whole level, loading a sublevel restarts the game, loading corona restarts the game). For reference, I'm playing off an SD card on NTSC-U

I'm pretty technologically stupid, so it's probably some very small thing I did incorrectly when downloading files, but I double checked all my steps and it's not obvious to me thus far what I botched.


Make sure you download the 1.4 codes from this post


Edit: Go here:

Practice Codes V 2.0 (Beta)

I posted these on Discord already but to make it easier for people to find it here's the practice codes with the ingame timer beta.


You can download the updated codes here! Follow the installation guide from the original post.




New features

- Added an ingame timer. -> [Demo (Youtube)](

Same IGT as in the demo, except that it also resets in Delfino. Note that the IGT messes with existing IGTs, such as Blooper Safari, Piantissimo and Pianta/Sirena 6. Red buttons still work.


I put the gecko codes on Github in case someone wants to contribute and to make versioning easier. You can find them here.

If you want to build your own cheatfiles use the Codemanager.
A guide on how to us it can be found here: [](

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On behalf of the good people, we request practice codes V2.1 to give Mario the shine outfit + sunglasses without making the screen darker.

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Update for everyone who didn't know it yet, you can now generate your own cheatfiles on this website: - Some codes have been upgraded since my last post. See the descriptions of the individual codes.

I also put up the 'Shine Get Timer' for all versions today, which hopefully makes comparisons easier. It starts on the last static frame of the loading screen and ends when the Shine Get animation starts, similiar to the X-Cam timer of SM64.

A summary of the differences between the previous timer and this one can be found here:

Additionally there's a troubleshooting section here: for the common issues when trying to use codes.

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