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Ok. So I'm 95% sure, that this is impossible, and not only that, but if it was, I'm 99% sure it wouldn't save time.
This probably isn't anything new, but I couldn't find any other videos of it so... oh well.

I understand that this will probably come off as a "corona early thread" clone, but whatever. I'm not afraid to make a fool out of myself. Anyways, here is the first half of the 1YG dream, in all its glory...


Still some interesting things to be had here


Also sorry for the GARBAGE video quality lol


There's actually another way to clip in using a papaya (though it's incredibly inconsistent), so if you just lured a stu near the gate then clipped in using the papaya it could also happen, though yeah, it's almost certainly slower

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Crud. I was hoping this could be faster and beat the TAS.

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@StrongmanLin Cool! I understand that this probably won't happen, but I would love to see this TASed.

@speedrunner123 Me too...

I'm not saying this will ever happen (but it never hurts to believe) but if we found/discovered a yoshiless method of EYG...


Yoshi is ALWAYS required for EYG, because you need him to enter the loadzone. The only way to skip more of Pinna with EYG is if some sort of glitch is found that unlocks Yoshi before beating Pinna 4.

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oh yea lol.

I'm kinda dumb, sorry.

So yea, getting Yoshi early in Pinna would be p neat.
Inb4 ACE Kappa