Super Mario Sunshine Forum  /  Do I need an NTSC-J Console to play NTSC-J Disc or can I just homebrew?

Homebrewing is fine.

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It depends on what homebrew you use, Gecko OS is the recommended app, Priiloader and AnyRegion Changer are fine too, but Nintendont is banned because it removes lag in the game.

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Hello, new to all of this but want to start running SMS. Can you point me in the right direction, or to a guide, to disable region block? I have the NTSC-J version of the game, but an American Wii. I successfully installed the HBC and Priiloader on the Wii, however the system settings for Priiloader are a bit overwhelming. Any help would be appreciated!


When you open Priiloader, you should just be able to turn region locking off. It should read something similar to that, and be pretty obvious.

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