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So being an undocumented beginner stuck with English (American) version, what version is the most ideal for when I start to stream/record?


NTSC-J is the fastest version for speedrunning. Loading times and text make it faster than NTSC-U and PAL for all categories. However, it is notably more difficult; the sixth mission in Sirena Beach requires a much greater percentage of goop to be cleared before allowing the player to proceed, and a more difficult strat for EYG is required on Japanese (although it is also sometimes used in English as well).

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To add to what Msdalr said, Japanese is harder to start out on, but is well worth it in the long run. It is much faster for most other categories and it's a good idea to start early if possible. However, of course, if you can't get JP, the US version is adequate for the most part, especially in any%.


If you want a version that is faster than NTSC-U but isn't as difficult as NTSC-J, get PAL 🙂


This thread is kinda old, but let me just add that for any% the difference between versions is quite small (less than 20 seconds between all the versions). So unless you're going for top times it really doesn't matter which version you use.

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