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What's up people,

recently picked up Super Mario Sunshine and I figured I'd use the Practice Codes as demonstrated in the Guide section. However I have some questions:

1. It doesn't seem to work properly. I used an SD + USB to load up the game via Nintendont (no problems there) but when I try to execute the Codes it doesn't work and simply exits the area as it would normally do. Any suggestions on what might fix this? Does it have to do with being a completely new file or is that irrelevant?

2. Is the game itself a Rom? If so it's probably not allowed to be used in Races/Runs right?

That's all the questions I have. Thanks!


I mean, USB / SD loading is allowed in runs, for example, veman3000's old runs were USB loaded and allowed on the leaderboards; However, it's not allowed if you gain a time advantage over it. We don't really have a written rule for it, but i'd imagine you can use it if it saves time down to the same place we allow emulator, as emulator saves some time.

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