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I made a strawpoll. You can find it here: to decide on potential SMS Mods in the future. Also, while optional, you can reply your choice(s) in this thread.


The mod team has done well so far, except for IL charts being ugly trash and not having proper misc categories and stuff. They seem to be turning a blind eye to those things.

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I haven't seen the other 3 mods do much on this page. I know zelpiku has submitted his own ILs but that's about it.

At first, I thought it was rude of you to even suggest a change, but I guess I'm not the only one with the lingering thought in the back of their head that things could be much much better for this game's page on the site. We just need to find somebody who can recognize the flaws and fix them.

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I think it's pretty presumptuous to just make a poll like this. Obviously opinions are important, but if people want to be mod then it's their own responsibility to step up for the position. Most of the people on that list have never expressed interest in becoming a leaderboard moderator.

That being said, the reason I personally don't do much on here is because between all submitted runs get accepted really fast already by the other mods, so my input is rarely needed. I also run the sunshinecommunity Twitter account, and am working on completing the new SMS Guide.

As for how this place could be better, we're pretty much using to its fullest extent, and are the biggest game that does so. There are a bunch of things that we would like to do, but the current state of the website simply doesn't allow it. As such our hands are tied, and we're mostly left just verifying/rejecting runs.

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  [user deleted]

I'm perhaps finding it funnier than I should that 1ups is on the list when he's already a mod. Goes to show how much you looked into the current situation before making a poll about the community's obvious need for more mods


is this a joke

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Are you even part of the SMS community? :^)


The fact that someone who's virtually nonexistent in the community would have the audacity to make a strawpoll to "decide on potential SMS Mods in the future" baffles me.

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I technically am a part of the SMS comminuty, but just Individual Shines for now.


Me too. I play SMS almost every day, which is decent IL practice.


Doing runs doesn't make you part of the community, friend. I've never once seen you in any twitch chat for any runner of this game, and I doubt you've made an effort to speak to any runner in a way outside of these forums.


You didn't even type his name correctly.


I love the way Jumpy spelled my name, and Milk, I've seen at least half a dozen people play SMS, like Fifi, Chrism, Bboy, Trey, Diddeh, Kaff, etc.

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My new favorite thread.

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