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I've just gotten into speedrunning, and while grinding this game out and learning it, I also have been practicing some of the glitches. I think I have a grasp of Gelato, but Niko I am having trouble with. What setup do you guys use, and when do you hover in the air to not fall at the bottom of that blue abyss?

Thanks! ~Brandon


Fast players don't hover, but rather dive at a specific time. Watch exactly what they make Mario do. The angles he faces and when, what he does, when he throws, and listen for when he dives. With a few attempts you should figure it out. You can go into first person view mid-dive to change your angle to reach the room a bit easier.

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Yeah I am just worried about messing this up in a run, since it seems like you'd lose a TON of time.


I did this in Noki 1 and, unsurprisingly, the shine isn't there yet. It's only there starting in Noki 2, apparently.