Super Mario Sunshine Forum  /  why is dutchj (a slug) our leader?

im afraid you got it all wrong. dutchj is definitely not our Sunshine Lord. our Sunshine Lord has to be wqqqqwrt, our Speedrunning Lord and Savior. he is our Alpha Gamer God for every Speedgame imaginable and our dutchj doesnt even come close to his Absolute Raw Power. please think before you post next time and do some Speedrunning Research next time. thank you for listening to my TED™ Talk. good day.

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What about Todd Rogers? He got sub hour in Sunshine by shifting into second gear and being able to skip the intro cutscenes. He'd make a better leader than that communist known as DutchJ DansGame

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bold of you to assume wqqqqwrt hasnt already done that and has the VHS tapes of his unofficial unsubmitted WR. he started in 2nd and shifted to 3rd and used tas only strats without splicing and achieved the ultimate Alpha Gamer Speedrun World Record. wqqqqwrt is definitely better than that cheater Todd Rogers and that communist DutchJ

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Our hero is Chibi. He makes sure that everyone in his chat is preferably quiet.


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