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I don't understand why it's a requirement to have video for emulator runs. I realize that it's easier to use cheats and such, but couldn't you just as easily fake a run on console? My laptop drops frames if I screen record so it's frustrating to play. I would like to get into casually speedrunning the game, I've only run it twice now, but I can't submit any of my runs because of this.


Get a Japanese wii and Japanese cd if you don't have one and get a capture card. Problem solved.


Nice meme, I was looking for an actual response though. I am obviously not spending a bunch of money to play something I can already play for free.

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I think some GameCube games have this rule, dunno why. If u have a Wii a copy of the game and a capture card arent that pricey.


If I were to use a Wii then I wouldn't even need video evidence. My point is that there is no apparent reason for requiring video evidence for emulator runs. The only reason that stands out is checking for the usage of cheats, but is someone actually going to watch the entire recording? And even if they are then why does a Wii run not require video? From my understanding, I literally could have just said my run was on a Wii and it would be accepted, there's no reason to have such a tedious system that can still be cheated around so easily.


We basically don't want people to play on emulator, as the game does not emulate accurately and it's not official hardware. We also don't want to encourage piracy. We allow new players to start out on emulator so that they're not forced to invest money just to try out speedrunning the game. If you really care about having your time on the leaderboards, then you'll have to record your run. Otherwise just don't submit your runs, it's not the end of the world to not be on the leaderboards.

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Thanks for the explanation, I'll see if I can uncover an old disk to play on.