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Hello, everyone. 😃
This video is about something I discovered myself, and something I haven't seen anyone talk about it before.
The Pianta 2 Text Skip.

This saves time right?
I understand that you would not stand preemptively where the shine shows up, but the time saved from skipping piantissimo's text would make it worth it I think.

Anyways, check it out.

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I remember when I was young I used to mess around in Pianta Village for like hours, then I found that in Episode 2 just randomly thought I was the first to find it. I wasn't but it's still a great find 😃


Yes this was a thing, even back in the day (2011).
I think we weren't sure why it happens sometimes but not other times, or why it doesn't happen at all. It does seem to be a version specific thing. I think I never got it to work on my PAL game.

But I'm just writing about my memories back from 2011-2012. Current active runners might have a better understanding.

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I think I’ve seen this done on JP at some point, but don’t quote me on that. They fixed another textbox glitch between NTSC-U and PAL, so I guess that would explain why the text skip doesn’t work on PAL. Edit: Disregard this, I got it to work on PAL, albeit with an any% completed file

I’m not sure if this is worth it, since Piantissimo only has 3 textboxes at the end of the race, and it doesn’t look like you can perform the skip while standing under the Shine or even facing towards it


This text skip is already known and has been used in 20 Shines. It only works when you have only a few shines, you pretty much have to go to Pianta Village in the earliest version of the plaza and as such cannot be used for the standard any% route.

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Good video, good demonstration, but it's not a good idea to assume it's the first time it's been discovered.

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Heck. Never seen this before but that actually looks p cool