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so, there are hoverless runs, but would a speedrun without ever pressing the b button to dive be interesting to watch/run, it makes some things more difficult i guess.


only use your feet to touch the controller.

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It's a good idea in concept, but I think it would mostly just be regular any% but with slower strats. There's never really a need to press b to complete any levels, it just makes horizontal movement faster.


You have to press B to talk to the mayor in Pianta 3 and 6 and the hotel owner in every level in Sirena. Also needed to defeat Gooper Blooper in Ricco 1 and 5.

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of course you can press it to talk to people, i only meant diving.


someone said a nozzle-less run expect you can use the hover and spray nozzle. well that wouldnt work cause you need the rocket to get to bowser at the end of the run