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so, there are hoverless runs, but would a speedrun without ever pressing the b button to dive be interesting to watch/run, it makes some things more difficult i guess.


That would be like SM64's quest to remove any and all A presses. In SMS, A is jump like in SM64, but without the B button would be both interesting and really, REALLY stupid.


only use your feet to touch the controller.

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Nozzleless%. Only Hover and of course, Squirt.


It's a good idea in concept, but I think it would mostly just be regular any% but with slower strats. There's never really a need to press b to complete any levels, it just makes horizontal movement faster.


You have to press B to talk to the mayor in Pianta 3 and 6 and the hotel owner in every level in Sirena. Also needed to defeat Gooper Blooper in Ricco 1 and 5.

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of course you can press it to talk to people, i only meant diving.


I'd rather see a coinless speedrun like BikdiponaBus did casually years ago. The only coins that can be collected are reds and blues, because they don't count towards each level's coin total. This might be a little overboard.


speedrun to lock this thread

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someone said a nozzle-less run expect you can use the hover and spray nozzle. well that wouldnt work cause you need the rocket to get to bowser at the end of the run