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Hi, I'm a new runner currently starting learning this game. However, I have no idea where to get the NTSC-J version of the game. Also, I apologize if this is somewhere else on and I just missed it. Thanks in advance!


You can always try ebay. There's plenty of JP imports of all sorts of games. That's where I got my copy.


Thank you so much TheSludgyGamer! I feel like an idiot for not thinking about that! Now I'm semi-mad at myself. Thanks again!


I actually suggest amazon; just a lot more streamlined and easier.


Whoa sorry about long reply time, school :<. But yeah thanks man! I do kinda prefer Amazon, and because I'm still young-ish my parent have to approve of the site I wish to purchase it from. And they HATE eBay. So, Amazon is the much more viable option for me! Thanks again man!


You can also try Play-Asia, they specify in games released in other parts of the world.