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I'll be straightforward, I feel like some SMS mods have not really been active in the community, be it on the forums, or the Discord, which are, in my opinion, platforms that should be given as high attention as verifying runs, because these social interactions are what bind the community together and help out newbies.

I am not saying in any way that this hasn't been happening, I am pointing out a lack/absence of moderator activity in these fields. I know this is a bit of a weird topic to touch upon, but I am concerned/worried about this, because big decisions such as the addition of Category Extension and new rules regarding submissions, etc. get delayed, or create confusion within the community, I think.

I'm also not in too much of a position to talk about this, but f it.

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I agree, but I personally would go further and say there are several members that only appear to disrupt and go against the grain but that might just be me.

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Been saying this for months, brother. It's about time some of them either stepped down or got involved with the community more.

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I’m not saying I’m the only one who noticed, I’m just giving a go at trying to start discussion on it, since mods aren’t really there to talk about it.