Forums  /  Super Mario Sunshine  /  Is there a route for 69 shine anywhere? Wanna learn blue coins without needing to do a 3hr run

I also want a really dank PB


Only person I remember that streams 69 Shines is so maybe check out his videos for a route


I want to do an All Blue Coins run too. He doesn't have any videos of it. Anybody have any idea of what a route would look like?


Jumpy, just do the blue coins starting in Delfino, as many as you can get. After that, go to each of the levels and get them there. I hope I was helpful 🙂


Maybe try it out by yourself OpieOP


Talked to RDA3, he doesn't have a video or anything. not even splits. he referred me to another guy who also doesn't have a video. He said this community is lazy and unwilling to route it 🙁 We'll work on it someday. I'd be able to route it myself if I remembered where all the coins were (which is why i wanted to try this category, to learn them) and if I knew which coins were exclusive to each shine.


bumping this thread in case anyone still cares about all blues. if you have questions, ask SM27 or penguoxo (formerly known as dapperpenguino).

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