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If you're insistent on trying to make this an actual category, you can't suggest adding arbitrary "rule exemptions" such as Mecha Bowser CSS. That's not really how it works.

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You're essentially asking mods to make a category containing no runs, that might continue to never have runs. If you plan to run it, you can run it without a leaderboard. If other people are interested, get them to record runs so that you can prove that it merits a leaderboard. But the mods aren't about to make a leaderboard for a category containing one person.

And leaderboard aside, if you want this category to exist, YOU have to do the legwork. YOU have to route it. YOU have to demonstrate that it's worth running. Right now, asking for a leaderboard for a category with zero runners is really putting the cart before the horse.

Also, what Dalton said. If you want to make a category that bans the use of something, you accept ALL consequences. If categories can have whatever exceptions are convenient, it defeats the purpose of making that category. When max% hoverless was made, it wasn't "hoverless except for Noki 4/8 because we want those blue coins and that makes it okay". The category is hoverless and so the four blue coins remain impossible, because when you make a rule, you have to stick to it.