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I dont have the money to buy a capture card. Do I need to proof my run?


you need proof if your run is faster than 1:25 🙂 otherwise just upload your splits with a screen shot and on


also i might add that emulated runs faster than 1:35 are not accepted


Unless you have a 1:25, You dont need evidence with your run.


I was never good at this game fast, but slowly it's another story. I'm sure I could easily do Any% No GBS in under 6 hours. Kappa


Yeah one of my runs just got rejected because I don't have any video for my runs, but I don't have a capture card, and I don't use Splits I just time the whole thing out. Am I allowed to upload video camera footage? Like record my screen with a video camera and upload that? or does it have to be a capture device?

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Splits are never important, what matters is the video. Afaik, camera footage is okay as long as you can hear the game’s audio clearly, but I’m no mod


@tgguitarguy, You can record with a video camera.. just make sure to point it at your screen where it can be seen clearly.


Backing up, what Journey and NokiDoki said.
Audio is still necessary for the game, so keep that in mind, but we're likely to be lenient with that anyway.

So, yeah, if you upload with video footage in any way, capture card or video camera, that's fine.