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I was recently watching a SMS speedrun the other day and pondered the possibility of purposefully skipping Petey and getting the rocket nozel, then coming back for him later and using the rocket nozel to try to hit the shine sprite over his head. I dont know how big his hitbox is, whether it is just a large wall or whether its a proper box all around him, or even if the shine sprite is a proper shine sprite. But if someone is willing to look at this, then thanks!


Tarzan it was the one from AGDQ 2015 (may have been SGDQ2014) but that video doesnt show any sort of method to try. It was just a random thought i had when i saw the run 🙂 And cheers speedrunner123


but if you wanna watch it, here it is:


I don't know what MinerDoodles meant when he said "cheers" followed by my name. It's probably an English thing.


Cheers is an English/British colloquialism for Thanks/Thank you

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"You can't get the Rocket Nozzle in earlier missions of Bianco until you unlock a later mission. To unlock later missions, you need to complete #2, and you'll have to do that without the rocket nozzle because it's not there yet. If it does work, though, it won't be of much help in a run."

1Ups, how is the Rocket Nozzle unlocked? Isn't it a shine number thing, where a set number of shines unlocks the nozzle? (just checked, its 30 shines.)
Also, you dont need to do #2 to unlock later missions. If you could unlock Ricoh Harbor (allows for Gelato to be unlocked) then retrieve the 30 shines, get the rocket nozzle then try the rocket nozzle thing, it could help a run (its a slightly askew route, but might help. I would try, but I'm not the best at speedrunning anything XD I'd have no idea how to get there as fast as i could).

If anyone wants to try, or maybe get someone who does speedrun this game to try, go ahead 😃


Small problem with your theory, MinerDoodles...

The Rocket Nozzle is unlocked at 30 Shines... in Delfino Plaza, NOT Bianco Hills! In order to get the Rocket Nozzle in Bianco Hills, you would need to reach Episode 5 and get a Rocket Nozzle form a red box. The only way to unlock Bianco 5 is to complete Episode 2, which means you have to get the Petey Shine WITHOUT the Rocket Nozzle anyways...

Also, Petey's hitbox is larger than it looks, as shown in the video below.


Ahh i forgot about that xD also as legomario has shown, my idea wouldn't have worked anyways. It appears that Petey's hitbox is rather large, meaning there's no way for doing it.

Oh well, it was just an idea i guess 😛 Cheers for the feedback guys 😃