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I'm sure many (or not many) of you have seen this before, but I am still intrigued by it. I can't seem to get it myself but maybe somebody could do it and provide controller cam?

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That's really interesting! Maybe whilst swimming, Mario can somehow die and skip the intro cutscene. Either way, that's fascinating.


Mario, at the end of the video, is swimming. If there was a way to drown, the intro cutscene would be skipped. I think that's how it'd work.


Friendly reminder that the intro skipping was found with glitchy codes active that had already had the person enter a file once to get a position saved to allow them to warp under the file select screen. The codes may mess with the loading in a way causing this to happen, and intro skip may not even exist. ;3
Just so that's clear. Could be possible, though!

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I have strong feelings about this being found. Almost as much as my feelings for TTYD's Palace Skip.


This video was all but confirmed fake, in case anyone was wondering. No one has been able to replicate this despite the creator claiming that it could be done consistently (and making 2 videos of it, one of which showed obvious use of some sort of teleport code).


Rats7eli made this video and he said it was fake


damn what a shame it could be used for skipping some minutes


If you boot up the game with practice codes loaded and load a savestate without saving one previously, you will teleport to the exact same spot as in the video.