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so I was messing around and I actually clipped through the gate placed on Corona Mountain's entry (I got there before the flooding happened) and I believe that a Corona Early is possible

jk lol and please stop making posts about this (corona early will never be a thing)


its not possible cause there is no loadingzone before the Mario morgana cutscene

BUT we can try to trigger the Mario magana cutscene early


"please stop making posts about this"

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What tf was the point of you making this post just to tell people to stop posting this?

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i was mem(e)ing. sigh


i was making a joke out of it because so many people come up with a corona early theory and then i said stop.


Congrats your shitpost ended up being shittier than the actual posts.

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I'm still confused about what the morgana/magana cutscene is from SBK's post. Is he trying to say the flood cutscene or something?