Any% - Normal in 1h 14m 40s by nindiddeh - 1st place

Bad Pianta RNG, Bianco 6 death, and bad end game. Will keep trying for 1:13!

Played on Wii [JPN] on

Submitted by nindiddeh on

Verified by Samura1man on

Name Duration Finished at
-Reset (A + R LONGER) 10m 16s 830ms 10m 16s 830ms
-Poles suck 1m 14s 401ms 11m 31s 232ms
-ba 1m 59s 673ms 13m 30s 905ms
{Bianco Hills 1.0} Colorful Cookie! 2m 55s 313ms 16m 26s 218ms
-Worth it 1m 54s 217ms 18m 20s 436ms
{Gelato Beach} Green guy RNG 0m 49s 264ms 19m 09s 700ms
-Doggy 1 (hold up) 1m 29s 105ms 20m 38s 805ms
-Casual speedrunner 1 1m 24s 040ms 22m 02s 846ms
-Risky GWKD 0m 57s 850ms 23m 00s 697ms
-Doggy 2 (start of slope) 1m 16s 623ms 24m 17s 320ms
-Bounceyboy Cycle Pls 1m 44s 320ms 26m 01s 640ms
-Fech 1m 51s 537ms 27m 53s 178ms
{Pianta Village} 2 SPAM SPRAYSSSS 0m 47s 576ms 28m 40s 754ms
-Fail clip 2m 17s 826ms 30m 58s 580ms
-Pinna 2 1m 16s 105ms 32m 14s 685ms
-Yossy hates turtles 1m 21s 512ms 33m 36s 197ms
-Gohgo Turtles 1m 25s 938ms 35m 02s 136ms
-Stu 2m 05s 103ms 37m 07s 240ms
{Pinna Park} 1 FPS 0m 59s 729ms 38m 06s 969ms
-Triple Jump 1m 49s 849ms 39m 56s 818ms
-GO!GO!イ力サーフィン (L) 1m 28s 288ms 41m 25s 106ms
-Ricco 3 0m 49s 104ms 42m 14s 211ms
-Red Cycle 1m 21s 864ms 43m 36s 075ms
-Easy ramp strat 1m 29s 977ms 45m 06s 052ms
-Yellow Blooper 1m 20s 777ms 46m 26s 829ms
{Ricco Harbor} Early Trigger 0m 48s 728ms 47m 15s 558ms
-Ledgegrabless xd 2m 06s 474ms 49m 22s 032ms
{Bianco Hills 2.0} Bianco 7 0m 48s 271ms 50m 10s 304ms
-Wait in one area 2m 51s 045ms 53m 01s 349ms
-Don't do Sirena 2 reds! 1m 29s 885ms 54m 31s 235ms
-Banana 0m 58s 786ms 55m 30s 022ms
-Fail Casino Skip 1m 30s 702ms 57m 00s 725ms
-1/64 chance 2m 53s 721ms 59m 54s 446ms
-2:27 (stone later) 1m 31s 601ms 1h 01m 26s 047ms
{Sirena Beach} Before The Wood 222 0m 57s 697ms 1h 02m 23s 744ms
-Early Cycle 1m 32s 288ms 1h 03m 56s 032ms
-Noki 2 0m 58s 728ms 1h 04m 54s 761ms
-Water Momentum 1m 25s 048ms 1h 06m 19s 810ms
-I'm fast 2m 02s 338ms 1h 08m 22s 148ms
-Casual speedrunner 2 1m 36s 287ms 1h 09m 58s 436ms
-Easy Cycle 1m 24s 305ms 1h 11m 22s 741ms
{Noki Bay} diddeh 0m 47s 280ms 1h 12m 10s 022ms
Corona Mountain 2m 30s 425ms 1h 14m 40s 447ms