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This is a legacy terms glossary for SMS speedrunning created by Clayton in 2015.

Super Mario Sunshine Category List & Glossary

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This is a list of all of the categories. This includes "Meme" categories.

Any% (44 Shines)
Complete every Episode 7 of each world. (Shadow Mario Chase). Any major or minor skips such as Gelato Beach Skip and EYG are allowed. Blue Coins are not collected in this category.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

120 Shines
Complete every level in the game. All 240 Blue Coins are collected in this category and traded in for 24 Shines.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser

50 Shines
Complete Episode 7 of each world. Gelato Beach Skip is BANNED from this category. Blue Coins are not collected in this category.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

58 Shines
Complete all episodes (1-8) in the 7 main stages, then defeat Bowser in Corona Mountain. Gelato Beach skip is allowed in this category.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

69 Shines
Complete every Episode 7 of each world. (Shadow Mario Chase) and collect all Blue Coins. Gelato Beach Skip is allowed.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on Final ground pound of Bowser.

79 Shines
Complete all level shines. No blue coins or Delfino shines need to be collected. This includes Red Coin Secrets, Hidden Shines, and 100 Coin Shines.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

96 Shines
Complete every level in the game, including Delfino Shines. Blue Coins are not collected in this category.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

Any% Hoverless
Complete Episode 7 of each world. Using the Hover Nozzle is BANNED. Blue coins are not collected in this category.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

Max% Hoverless
Collect every Shine and every Blue Coin besides the four underwater ones in Noki. Using the Hover Nozzle is BANNED.
Timing starts from File Select and ends on final ground pound of Bowser.

Meme Categories:
20 Shines
Collect a total of 20 Shines in the game. There are no restrictions to which 20 Shines are collected. Blue Coins can be collected in this category. You do not fight Bowser.
Timing starts from File Select (Using a race file) and ends after collecting the 20th Shine.

Defeat Piantissimo is all races. Piantissimo appears in Gelato Beach Episode 5, Pianta Village Episode 2, and Noki Bay Episode 5. Blue coins can be collected in this category. You do not fight Bowser.
Timing starts from File Select and ends after collecting the final Piantissimo Shine. Race File is used.

Ride the Yoshi
Ride a Yoshi... That's it.
Timing starts from File Select and ends when you Ride a Yoshi. Race File is used.

All Bosses
Defeating all bosses in the game. This includes Noki 2 Blooper. Blue Coins can be collected. You do not fight Bowser.

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Race File: File created by beating Airstrip, watching the cutscene, and then saving and quitting when you gain control of Mario in Delfino Plaza.
Spam Spraying / Mega Spraying - Pressing A and R together once or in rapid succession. This sprays water every and can be done rapidly.

Delfino Plaza Tricks:

Early M- Early M is a trick that allows you to Spray the M before it actually appears so you can jump straight in after Shadow Mario paints it on. Saves about 1 second.

Travel Skip- After hitting the Goop Piranha that is in place of Ricco Harbor if you are fast enough you will be able to enter Bianco Hills before the cutscene is activated. This allowed you to skip traveling from Ricco Harbor to Bianco Hills after the cutscene. (Video Soon)

Sliding into Gelato- After killing the Goop Piranha that is in place of Gelato Beach if you water slide you can slide toward the M on Gelato Tower and enter quicker. (Video Soon)

Early Pianta- It is possible to access Pianta Village without using a Rocket Nozzle. This is done by triple jumping off of the Shine Gate or doing a Wallkick off of the Shine Gate.

Honey Skip- Clipping into a building in Delfino and going out of bounds. If you die on the same frame you enter the Pinna Park Cutscene it can be skipped. While this skips timesave varies depending on the setup you do the easiest setup saves about 10 seconds while the riskiest saves around 20 seconds. Most consistent setup:

Chuckster Clip- By doing a backflip and throwing a Banana at a specific time it is possible to clip into the building and skip having to talk to the Chuckster.

Turbo Secret Clip- When you are walll sliding down the Turbo Secret Building if you throw a coconut at a specific time it is possible to clip through the building and into the loading zone. This is usually done in categories you need to collect a certain amount of shines as quickly as possible.

Bianco Hills Tricks:

Episode 1 Skip- It is possible to entirely skip Episode 1 and go straight to Petey. This is done in Any%.

Quick Petey- Standing to the side of Petey makes him open his mouth instantly and then you spam spray him and he will become filled with water much quicker. Both of these tricks can be done in Bianco 5.

Gelato Beach Tricks:

Gelato Beach Skip- This skip allows you to clip into the hut where Gelato's 8th Shine is. This allows the player to skip Episode 1-6 and go straight to Episode 7 where you chase Shadow Mario. This trick is done by placing a coconut on the roof of the Hut. As the coconut rolls down Mario runs forward and you will clip through the hut for a few frames. During these frames you will hover forward toward the Shine until you are hovering directly over the Shine. At this point you can release your hover you will fall down onto the Shine.
*Note- You must have a perfectly straight angle. To get this angle grab a ledge that is facing towards the hut. Your camera also has to be straight so make sure your camera is facing right when you grab the ledge then press the "L" button to make it straight.

Pianta Village Tricks:

F.L.U.D.D Text Skip- After getting the third Chain Chomplet into the water pause the game to make the Shine cutscene start instantly. This can save around 4 seconds.

Wind Damage- In Pianta 3 if you get hit by a Wind Enemy you will be invicible for 2 seconds. This allows Mario to travel through lava making this level extremely short compared to what it would be. (17-21 Seconds for Wind Damage)

Fast Chain Chomp- Holding forward while holding onto the chain of the Chain Chomp will speed him up.

Yoshi Skip- Yoshi Skip is a trick that let's players clip into the Pianta 5 loading zone without using Yoshi. This is done by clipping into a small portion of the tree and hovering into the Mushroom at a certain time. There are many variations that can be done to do this trick but I will show the two most popular methods.
Sidestep Method: Backwards Jump Method:

Early Cycle- If you are fast enough or have good RNG the final brown Chuckster will be standing on the left corner of Pianta 5 Secret. This is around 15-30 seconds faster depending on RNG.

Pinna Park Tricks:

Pinna 1 Cutscene Skips- By exiting level right as you go into a cutscene for Pinna 1 you can skip the cutscenes. (Video Soon)

DarkMusician Shot- This shot makes TAS Shot (Frame Perfect Shot in Pinna 1) much easier.

Mole Skip- During Pinna 2 a Mole in a red cannon throws Bombs at you and you usually have to throw 3 bombs at him for the loading zone to appear. Though there is a second where you can clip through the mole into the loading zone. If done correctly this will save 30 seconds over throwing bombs.

Pinna 4 One Cycle- It is possible to Groundpound all of the Yoshi Turtles in one go. This is called Once Cycle. Every time you do not get One Cycle you waste 10 extra seconds. So if you got Third Cycle you would lose 20 seconds over One Cycle. There are multiple setups but the most consistent and easiest setup is Kaffelon's Strat.

Pineapple Throw- In Pinna 6 you need Yoshi to activate the loading zone for the secret. To do this you need to bring the Yoshi Egg a fruit. Yoshi has the option to want 4 fruits: Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, or Coconut. Pineapple is the second worst RNG possible though you can save a few seconds by throwing the Pineapple in a specific spot causing it to ricochet off of a tree into the Yoshi Egg.

Yoshi Momentum- By sliding off the curved tree trunk in Pinna 6 on Yoshi you can use Yoshi's backwards momentum to go onto the Ring Around.

Over the Top- This is a trick where Mario does a triple jump off of the Blue Yoshi Block over the Blue Wooden platform. (Video Soon)

Over the Top to the Right- Same trick as Over the Top except to the right side.

Under the Top- This trick is one second faster than Over the Top and Over the Top to the right. It's the same thing as Over to the Top to the right except you go under it... (15-23 seconds)

Ricco Harbor Tricks:

Screamless- Where you release the Squid's nose before he screams. Can be done in Ricco 1 and Ricco 5.

Triple Jump Box- This strat is where you Triple Jump off of the boxes in Ricco 1 rather than hovering to them and spinjumping. This strat saves 1.5 seconds. (15-18 Seconds)

Blooperless Entrance- This is a trick in Ricco 2 where you can avoid using a Blooper to enter the race. This strat saves 1 second.

Spyro Strats- A mix of SidedWilliams and Pyroshade's Ricco 4 Secret strats. This strat saves 2-3 seconds. (Look at secret only)

Sirena Beach Tricks:

Wilko Manta- This strat involves standing on top of the hut and this manipulates the Mantas first phase movement.

Momentum Ending- Using a momentum spinjump on the spinning gear in Sirena 2 Secret. This strat saves 3.5 seconds.

Banana Split- A Sirena 3 clip that allows you to skip through half the level making this a very short Shine.

Casino Skip- Casino Skip is a trick in Sirena 4 Casino. You get on top of a small platform where you are able to sidestep into the loading zone without having to spray the slot machines.

King Boo Extra Cycle Cancels- If King Boo gives you an Extra Cycle you can walk under him immediately rather than waiting for him to spit out the enemies/bubbles. This strat saves around 3 seconds. (Video Soon)

Noki Bay Tricks:

Noki 1 First Cycle- If you go fast enough you can make first cycle. (Video soon)

Spring Clip- This clip in Noki 2 involves using the spring to clip through a wall and go straight into the Shine, skipping the Squid fight entirely.

Eel- Eel is a very complex shine that seperates the good players from the bad. While there is to much information for me to explain with Eel I will instead link a guide made by HiddenPower13. I will also provide Stelzig's JP Eel Guide. Lastly I will link Kaffelon Eel Strat and Samu Eel Strat.
JP Guide:
Kaffelon Eel:
Samu Eel: (4:20-5:50 minutes/seconds)

PyroKick- A Wallkick at the end of Noki 6 Secret that saves 2-3 seconds. (57-1:00 seconds)

Corona Mountain Tricks:

Speedboat- Speedboat is a technique that involves constantly spraying water to make the boat go extremely fast through the lava. This saves 20 seconds.

Cloud Cancels- Cloud Cancelling is a trick where Mario ground pounds on the cloud during a specific time and bypasses the Groundpound animation. This trick saves 1 second per cloud. (1:26-1:38)

Cloud Skip- If you do a spinjump a second before you use Rocket Nozzle you will have enough height to skip a ground pound on a cloud and having to recharge the Rocket Nozzle. This saves around 5 seconds. (1:35-1:40)

Bowser and Bowser Jr. Tricks:

Quick Charge- After ground pounding you can start charging as you fall down so you can blast up immediately.

Commonly Used Acronyms:
Bianco Hills- BH
Gelato Beach- GB
Gelato Beach Skip- GBS
Pianta Village- PV
Yoshi Skip- YS
Pinna Park- PP
Honey Skip- HS
Early Yoshi-Go-Round- EYG
Ricco Harbor- RH
Sirena Beach- SB
King Boo- KB
Noki Bay- NB
Corona Mountain- CM
Triple Jump- TJ
Wall Kick- WK
Glitchy Wallkick- GWK
Glitchy Wallkick Dive- GWKD
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