sub 1:13
Queensland, Australia

is sub 1:13 possible? i saw a TAS by zelpikukirby and goldfire that did a 1:08 so sub 1:08 is impossible but there were no TAS only tricks so you might be able to get at least 1:12

Pays de la Loire, France

1:08 was the time recorded by TASVideos, but Zelpiku's original recording of that TAS was a 1:07:52. Still, while technically possible, the movement is way too precise to realistically be achieved in real time. As for 1:12, we've had runners that could have had it, but they're not running SMS at the moment so it may take a bit longer.

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There's plenty of TAS-only tricks and TAS-only movement in that TAS, lol. Also, there will always be some timeloss in RTA runs due to RNG since getting really good RNG on everything is super unlikely.

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