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I've recently got quite a few ideas for categories, some already routed and tested, some just ideas.

One of them is a category I'd like to call "Spawn%".
Basic rules:
Beat the game as fast as possible while only collecting previously spawned Moons.
"Spawned" is defined as in the Moon has to go through an Up-Down-Animation before you can collect it or you get the Moon by talking to certain NPCs.
Storymoons are always valid.

Now, from what I've constructed in my head, there are quite a few routing options, however the basic route would be pretty close to the Any% route.
Therefore, before I spend hours routing stuff just to get a rejection;
@Mods do you think this category has a chance on getting added, even though it may be just a bit similar to Any%?

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I'm not a mod for SMOCE. However, I think I might be interested in something like this. It seems like it's something that might make for a fun Any% category.

Granted I'm always up for some challenge-esque runs.

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I mean, tbf, asm uses just the wp route with a few changes, so im sure other categories would be fine if similar to any% but different in a way.

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Okey, Im doesnt understand at 100% the idea, but its sound interesting to run it