Any% but you can’t skip any cutscenes. (like story moon preview, Odyssey taking off, volcano eruption etc.) Timing starts on file select, ends when you shoot out of the electric wire in escape.

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Just longer any%. Most of the time the phrase “Any% but ...” means it’s just longer any%. Sometimes it’s different form any% like in minimum captures or jumpless but this doesn’t add any difficulty like min captures or jumpless. It is literally just long any%.


Bonk% sounds nice. Get 1000000 bonks Keepo


cutscene% sounds good cause who watches cutscene's it could give them a little bit of spotlight for once and sub 1:10 probably wont be possible in this category but as i said who watches cutscenes


Bonk percent is just bonking in chap kingdom


This is actually an interesting category. In places like luncheon and wooded, it would likely be faster to get more moons to replace the triple moon cutscenes. In luncheon, the meat cutscenes are very long, and it would be much faster to get more moons to replace it.

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You would have to go out of your way to avoid cutscenes which could be interesting.

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When you put it that way it might actually be a decent category.


Now we’re getting somewhere! This was actually what I meant in the first place.


Would the Cutscene% be a main, or side category?


Probably a category on this board if I’m being honest.

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Make it “you can’t skip any cutscene coming with a story moon or a multi moon so you may want to go around them” which is more self-explanatory. No skipping universal cutscenes is just adding time to every runs and is not good.


There may be runners who like downtime. Exhibition CE or something


I can already see the glitches to skip cutscenes


The idea is good, but too much down time is generally unfavorable for speedrunning. Let’s make Mininum Cutscene% instead which makes more sense with the same idea on the assumption that playing a cutscene definitely slows you down.


Here’s what I think:

Unavoidable cutscenes such as the Odyssey taking off or the intro for the first objective of each kingdom can be skipped.

Avoidable cutscenes such as the intro for “Moon Shards in the Sand” or the volcano erupting cannot be skipped.


I actually did a run of this for the memes like a month ago LUL I believe my time was a 1:38:47