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So, what I was thinking of, was a sub category on darker side dupes where you can use balloonworld. There is a glitch when you have the physical copy where you get 1.0.0, get back to 1.2.0, and then luigis balloon world might be reseted. After that play one balloon or two, and he will add up a lot of ranks, getting you to 9999 easily 2 times. Lemme know what you think about this. yes I am clear it will be faster run the better internet you have.

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he says "rank up" so yeah, its rank


balloon world: won't be around forever, and is completely random / exploitable.

a popular streamer will have an easier timee by being "given" coins by their audience. hence LBW is and should remain to be banned in all categories

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Okay, I just wanted to see what ya'll thinked.


Balloon World Centered runs are just too exploitable no matter what so IMO we should just stop suggesting them