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Plant every seed or nut in super Mario odyssey

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If this category has any chance of being added, it's after a run of this has been done.
Also, someone has to make a list of every seed and beanstalk in the game

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we could make this a category like all peach moons, after you get WP. I think if we made this an entire any% run with extra moons nobody would really run it.

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I think is hard to verificate every one lol.
In my opinion, the best idea would be go to do:
1. Like @FroZen_WaTer_99FroZen_WaTer_99 , after of the WP
2. Get EVERY MOON OF EVERY MOONS-SEEDS IN THE GAME, in my opinion that last would be so nice lmao.
Also because is not only to get the moon: after to plant the seed, this need to grow to give you a moon, so is not instantly. Of course, if you not use the timer trick of 1.3 , so I think would be doesnt valid to use that trick.

Also, to verificate an "ASM (All Seed Moons lol)" run, is realy suprisingly simple! (reference to ceavegaming lmao):
When you finish the run, simply check out the list of moons to prove that you get absolutely all the moons of seed, from the Desert Kingdom to the Mushroom kingdom.

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@IwerSonschIwerSonsch :
Check out this:

- Desert: moons number 25, 26, 27
- Lake: 9
- Metro: 21, 22 23
- Seaside: 23, 24, 25, 26
- Mushroom: 4, 5, 6, 7

In total exactly 15 moons lmao


A question: the gold turnips of the luncheon kingdom count as sedes or as nuts?


They dont count. You dont plant them, you burn them. Its the oposite of what the run intends

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This will not become a category unless you have enough people willing to do runs (no 3 is not enough). It is arbitrary. With all the other ces, you are at least completeing something of use in the game. Getting all story moons, completing menus, etc. There is nothing of worth with this run other than that Fearsome did it. You will (probably) need around 10 people who are willing to do runs before the mods will even consider it.

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I dont agree with that idea, but sadly, you´re completly rigth 🙁
In fine, I mean, you and other mods removed so many categories like:
- Jumpless, with 7 runs
- Festival%, that I think was more popular than jumpless betwen
- Peach%
- Minimum captures world peace

So, yeah, without intention to be offensive, but, in my opinion, the mods are realy more stricts than I would like and than many more people would like it.
So, basically, unless any streamer like "FearsonFire" or "Smallant1" run it to be a bit more "famous" (to put a name lol) in the comunity, I think that this category will be never go to be added to the category extensions leaderboard.
So F.

[Ps: Smallant, if you read this, I give you 10 dollars if you run it :V (nah realy no dont do it [or yes :)])]