Why isn't this a category yet? It seem like a very engaging, punishing and rewarding sub category. Beating the game without taking damage would be cool to watch and go for...


because no one has completed it yet. the wr is getting like 623 moons iirc before taking damage


i think he means just any% damageless not all moons


Any% damageless is probably possible.

I’d watch it.


The problem with such a run is it's just Any% minus the 5 intentional damage in the run. It isn't distinct enough that it should be an official category.

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Any% Damageless is very easy. The damageless challenge isn't about the time it's about the amount of moons you get.


How can I submit a SpeedRun in that page MidiPlayz?

Ps: sorry, I know this thread is of 8 months ago lol


@KilleDragonKilleDragon contact techstrobe (he is a moderator) on the super mario odyssey discord

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Okey Thanks!
So complicated, I dont understand why we cant have in the SpeedRun.com page a Damageless% lol xd
But okey, techstrobe


I wouldn't call any% damageless "very easy" but it's doable fairly consistently with practice

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