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idk i had this idea, basically in balloon world do something like getting a certain streak number like 10.


1. Create second account
2. "Hide" 10 balloons right outside the starting circle with that second account
3. Switch to main account
4. Get those 10 balloons

My point is that balloons have wildly different difficulty, so even with random selection the world record would just become the person who is the luckiest in finding easy balloons. It's like those Minecraft "get diamond" speedruns where people just find a seed where they spawn right in front of a village house that has a diamond in a chest, completing the objective in 5 seconds. Not really that interesting.

Potentially a better idea would be selecting fixed moons together as a community that are known to be very hard to reach and interesting to speedrun, like it happened in Super Mario maker for "Super warp world".


this category can never work because its just pure RNG and is completely open to abuse.

you can say "make it only 40s balloons", but a big streamer could ask viewers to lay 40s balloons right by the start area.


maybe make it unable to have viewers make balloons, or just be videos, and maybe have codes banned?


Just codes banned, friend balloons banned, and Hide it banned would probably suffice. Still it would be atypical for Mario speedruns because of the multiplayer aspect


I will say always, Balloon World Speedruns have too many variables and ways to make them easier (Get Viewers to do it, Internet Speed, Balloon Codes, etc.) That we should just stop suggesting them in General.