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Personally, I don't think splitting them is necessary, unlike minimum captures, where the entire goal of the run changes depending on 1p or 2p. You can still do Star% on 1p and on 2p, and technically regardless of version. Now, Bruncheon is technically possible on v1.3, however it's extremely difficult, much more than CRCs. CRCs are definitely not that difficult to learn anymore, as there is an entire discord with a powerpoint to help new people start out, as well as tons of people willing to answer questions. The only reason to separate between 1p and 2p is for people unwilling to learn CRCs that want a chance at getting the WR (they still need 1.0, keep in mind).


I think that the main idea of the separation was that it was different because you had to fastly beat sand and lake and then just go to the broodal of wooded to then unlock the painting to luncheon, instead of the 2P mode where you go to beat the pyramid of desert to unlock the metro painting, do CRC, and througth lake reach to Luncheon, because in 1P CRC is imposible; and well, the diference of game into 1P and 2P apart of the hard jump of Bruncheon, of course
Just an objective idea of the diference betwen 1P and 2P, idk

By the way, is a bit stupid to want it to have a free WR lol