So you know how there is a list of powermoons?
Maybe there can be a run where you collect them in the order that they are in.
There can be Any%, All moons, Dark side, and other things... Just collect the moons in order of the power moon list.

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Its a cool idea on paper, but not many people would run it

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This is actually a decent idea

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Is a nice idea...

@FroZen_WaTer_99FroZen_WaTer_99 "no many people would run be"
Okey, is true that for example "All Moons" or "100%" or others long categories like that, if you put the extra of that you need to had all the moons in order is so long and so tedius.

But, for example, for an any% would be so nice xd
for example: the 16 moons of the desert kingdom, you need to take exactly the moons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 in exactly that order.
Is not a bad idea, lol XD

A question, need to be exactly that moons in that order, being starting with 1? because, for example: in the cascade kingdom, the moon 1 is "the first moon", and if you are in a good versión, is perfectly posible skip. So you can do, for example, a list of 2,3,4,5,6 moons, changing the 1 of the very start with the 6 of the very end.
I think that this example cant beat exactly like that, but you understand (I think lol jaja :V XD xd, no? xd)

And, only by the way :V xd, now that I think: in all the kingdoms the very start of the list have the moons that be of the story.
So realy, I think that the "any%" of that category would be a "world peace" of the game, and is more, an "all story moons", in except of the moon kingdom.



A page of a guide of Super Mario Odyssey in spanish, to know the order.
I dont know how is to enter to the english guide xd.

In fine, by the way I have my guide in a real book, so no problema jaja XD