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In the middle of watching Stained Glass’ stream, I thought of a category extension idea: Dance%. Timer starts when you press start like in any smo run, and ends when you collect Sand kingdom moon 53: Dancing with new friends. It required you to collect sand kingdom’s regional coins, buy the sombrero and the poncho and enter the secret room. I think it would be fun to run as it’s a simple category, not too long, and without annoying parts like extremely hard tricks and version exclusive clips. But for something to start, we of course need runners. Personally I’d love to run this category, but would you?
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Feedback is appriciated

Edit: I’ve recived quite a lot of feedback, and people say it’s a bit short and boring. I appiciate the feedback, and as a response, I’d like to say this: Dance% is purposefully made beginner friendly, so that anyone can get a run it, and with some optional tricks such as first moon skip and left side cap for the top speedrunners. Dance% also adds its own twist to any% cap and cascade + a part of sand, by having purple coins. I’m pretty sure you need either 30 or 45 coins to get the pocnho and the sombrero, forcing you to adventure out of tostarena town, giving potential to different routes and taking away the boredom.

Edit 2: Mariachi is only 15 coins, however Cowboy is 45 coins. Perhaps if regular dance% is a lil bit too boring, there are 3 solutions, which only 1 sounds plausible to me.
1) Banning tostarena town coins
2) Forcing you to fight the bosses (or just one)
3) Forcing you to get cowboy before mariachi.
Feedback is always apriciated

Edit 3: The arguments in edit 2 and 1 could also be avoided and stick with the original idea of a simple run.

Edit 4: I’ve decided to stick with the original idea. Here’s a demonstration of the run (run starts at 15:10): (Don’t be an idiot like me and end the run at the right time, when you actually collect the moon; i had to undo my split and wait a few seconds)