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Wait, you can beat the game with 9 captures? Since when?

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Since this morning. Smallant just finished the first 9 cap run.

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Then turn it into a 9 Cap CE

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  [user deleted]

can someone PLEASE leave a link. I am very intrested to see this shi-

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Due to the current nature of Min. Caps., I imagine just a new sub category will be created. Personally, I'd like some of them to be removed if possible as there are a bit too many of them few people run and are somewhat irrelevant now.

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now we have to put two 13 caps

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Okey, we start with 14 caps, and there is the 3 skip of madame broodal, 1 skip of bird and 1 skip of nut jump;
So, the combinations of caps are:

- 14: skipless (of those 3 of course)
- 13: bird skip
- 13: nut skip
- 12: bird and nut
- 11: madame broodal skip
- 10: madame broodal and bird
- 10: madame broodal and nut
- 9: madame, bird and nut

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Would like to know if just both of 10/13 caps would have the same subcategory for any combination, because, if thats not wrong, basicaly the 10 caps as actualy is runned is broken, because
1. you can play it in 1.3.0
2. I think is normaly faster to do the bird skip tan to do the nut skip if we do all well, and the same with 13 (13 = 10 - madame broodal skip)


Isn't it classified according to two player and 1.0?

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The current consensus with mods and people in the discord, min caps will probably be removed. This is not definite yet but it is extremely likely.

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Don't remove Min Caps!! There's tons of interest from viewers (Smallant1's second most watched video is a min caps run, livestreams of it always hit over a thousand viewers), and it's a category that keeps on growing with new routes and tricks (think SMW 0-Exit, which was very similar in that way). It would be a huge shame to lose the entire category. Please reconsider this.

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Min Caps isn't being removed. The runs that don't have the current minimum amount of captures are.

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@BlipBloBlipBlo REALY!? WHY!?
Now min caps...
Why this effort of remove all types of categories, finaly all of this get practicaly nule, is stupid and logicless!
Inclusive if doesnt be very active, it doesnt do nothing bad there, I dont understand why would be bad a category to be removed
There can be more people which in the future Will go to run it
Realy, what the hell with this
The last time a lot of categories been removed, and still you ae planning to remove min caps...
Realy, I dont undestand this

In all case, doesnt know the rest, but 14 caps have like 20 runs, I dont know the rest

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Sad experience with this last theme
Once I made a run of jumpless without realice about of that it literaly was removed of 1 DAY BEFORE I do the run...
That definitly hurt me :c 🙁

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Possible 2P?
For 9 caps: It's extremely hard to do it , so yes.
For 12 Caps: Still difficult, but enough to require 1 player only.

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The issue here is that, unlike Jumpless or the consistently popular entry category of Festival%, the old Minimum Capture subcategories have turned conclusively arbitrary - on no combination of version and setting of the game does any of those runs successfully complete the challenge of beating the game with as few captures as possible, and so those are not successful Minimum Captures runs for current standards anymore

This is sad and if the community wants a legacy category to stay without strong present justification (arguably similar to the very good and justified 16 star, arguably more arbitrary than that), this would totally be understandable and, at least as a category extension, valid

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Agree @IwerSonschIwerSonsch ,i think we should keep the (2P and most recent version)/(2P all versions)/(1P most recent version)/(1P all versions) subcategories which now would be 10/9/13/12 captures, because these are the only categories that actually deserve the name "minimal captures" in some way.. i see two problems tho:
1) Will there be enough runners/runs for the new subcategories? Even before there only were 2 or 3 runners for some subcategories..
2) Will every run be invalid again once a new capture skip is found? Doesnt look like this will happen again soon (or ever), but it could, and as great as those new discoveries in the game are, it would be really sad if they would kill the related categorie again everytime


also i am not a mod here, but as sad as it might sound, imo it makes sense that the categories have to fullfill some kind of a minimal standard to be existing on this leaderboards, and the 2 points i just mentioned are really speaking against that 🙁