Hello Everybody! I have a new idea for a category. It's Called No Left Stick%. Rules: Do not use the left Stick at all. Required Areas to use the left stick,(Frog Section in Cap,and the final Bowser section) Timing Starts When Hitting "Start" on a New Save File and ends when you use the power line to leave the Bowser section. So what does everyone think?


so far only one person has run this so before this has momre rnners i would say no, but if more poeple run it then yes!(btw theeir is one "glitch" that allows you to only need one left press, just hold it the entire time, so this would haf to be band and name changed but i like it)


i know that ceave gaming routed this:

and smallant1 even did a run of it (or started, not sure if he finished as i can't find a vod for it), but it has a few issues:

1) its more of a challenge run as it makes movement unnecessarily restrictive
2) it would require hand cam
3) i HIGHLY doubt this will get enough runners to be added as a category extension

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