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The player must not in any case jump from the whole game
At the end of the run, he will have to be checked with Toadette's quests

The subcategories can be 1P and 2P
1P should be done alone
2P can be done alone (another part of your body) or with a friend.
As Capi allows to jump without saying that the runner to jump!

And the basic rules:

The timing begins when you select "Start" on a new file and ends when you pull the electric wire in the escape sequence.

The RTA timing is used, which means that the descents must be done in one session and that the stopwatch cannot be interrupted at any time during the race.

All races require video proof (with audio).

The use of Amiibo, Luigi's Balloon World and the assistance mode is prohibited.

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I remember this used to be on the leaderboards (It was just called Jumpless I think), but I'm not sure why it was taken off

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Okey, "new" "new"... very tipical
In that day where a lot of categories been removed, also Jumpless been removed, but it was there before
It was the category that most hurt me the day it was removed
So yeah, should be very nice to come back


I think this is a great idea, it will be great to see the movement progress.

I would love it to be back on the leaderboards.

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Iirc the route was extremely similar to Any%, and that killed the activity of the category - runners might choose categories differently now though, so if it's active enough it wouldn't surprise me too much if it was readded

One issue that e.g. Coinless (which BeardBear ran) doesn't have is that you never really know if you've accidentally jumped (or if talking to an NPC counted as a jump), and you can't check until the end of the run to reload a save file

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The interesting thing is that thus will lead to some interesting routing, including a finding of what tricks require jumps and what don’t.

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Jumpless had a few runners before it was a part of the mass removal, however, nothing's stopping anyone from doing Jumpless runs and reviving it on the leaderboard again. If it were to be revived, the ruleset would remain the same.

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I remember to do a run of jumpless when I was much newer at this game, I think that it was a run of 1:59:xx or something like that xd
In all case, not recorded, so yeah

I maybe try it again yeah
And also the 2P idea should make it realy interesting


is 2p allowed? you didn´t talk about that

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@zMienaizMienai depening, should be like subcategory, so depending of 1p or 2p category
idk is needed 2p in one part