me and @YTKido36 thought of an idea. clip% basicly kfr Rta but get a clip in every kingdom. We have found a clip in every kingdom. would anyone like this category idea?

(btw a clip would just be defined as out of bounds or inside a wall or something like that)

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Cool idea. If you and some other people run this category then this will have a shot at making the boards.


we are going to make a video on all the clips so people can do them. but i know that me and him will run it atleast.

The only thing i dont know is when the timer should start. anyone have any ideas


Timing should start the first frame you are out of bounds after the first clip and end the first frame you are out of bounds after the last clip


the cloud clip is debatable whether it is a clip or not but at least you can do it with a costume. not sure if it would really count. check the discord server under discoveries if you want to see it


I know of the ones in:

Cap Kingdom (the one in Softlock%, RCC into the Hat Tower)
Cascade (Surface Clip near the First Moon)
Sand (IP Clip, Sphinx Clip, etc.)
Lake (Lake Clip)
Wooded (Nut Clip)
Metro (RC Door, Barrel, RCC into a door, Sewer, etc.)
Snow (RCCs (Upstairs, Downstairs), Moon Clip)
Seaside (Fish Clip)
Luncheon (Turnip on 1.0, Don't know for 1.3)
Mushroom (Surface Clip, Weird Yoshi Stuff)

I know a video on the Cloud one is coming, so what are they for Lost, Ruined, Bowser's, Moon, Dark Side and Darker Side?


Cap (Corner Clip in Poison Tides Room, Going into Corner under Scarecrow, Surface Clips in Frog Room)
Cascade (Ground Pound Before first moon where bridge lands, Cloud platform, chest clip, Going under Chasm Lifts Door)
Sand (Pipe Clip in Secret Room in Flowing Sands, Being where a danger sign respawns when it respawns, Surface Clip in Pond, Corner clip in IP)
Lake (Corner Clip with Cheep Cheep by posts with purples, RCC into outfit room, Capturing top zipper first in zipper room, Surface clip by Odyssey, )
Wooded (Other Moon Clips, Roll on top of Spinning thing that shoots bombs pre-peace, Ground pound at lowest water level in flooding pipeway)
Lost (Corner clip in Cave Gardening Room, Clip using Glydon and Wiggler)
Metro (Letter Glitch, Scooter by scooter room door, Dino Room Trash Can Clip)
Snow (Hyperspeed Cheep Cheep Glitch, Bound Bowl as Mario, Surface Clip by Moon Pipe, Surface Clip by Notes Start, Typhoo Release Clips in Typhoo Room)
Seaside (Surface clips on Hot Spring Island, Surface clips into inlet, Surface clips by Narrow Valley Entrance, Surface Clips at Lighthouse Base, Surface Clips at Lighthouse cave entrance, Other Surface Clips)
Luncheon (Spiny Pushing Hammer Bro in Cheese Rocks Room, Jumping into certain corners with hammer/fire bro)
Ruined (Clip into Dragon)
Bowser's (Jizo Statue Clip, Stairface Ogre Clip )
Moon (Bowser statue clip, Frog clips in Chapel)
Mushroom (Surface clip in pond near scarecrow, Surface clip in lake, Goomba OOB Using Yoshi, Scooter into tree by Secret Tunnel, Climb Tree by Secret Tunnel, Scooter by Castle, )
Dark (Climb on Pole)
Darker (Wall with No Colision)

This doesn't include a lot of moon clips and ledge clips, but every one not mentioned in the previous post that I could find


timing should start when you enter the first kingdom


for metro you can actually jst groundpound roll. and for cloud 64 bit costume clip is possible.


please put the topic of your ideas in the title
please do a run or make a route before asking
please join the discord

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