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I was looking at the category extensions and saw the all music category. My idea that I got from that is min music. Beat the game with as little music unlocked. My Pb for this is 37 and I think this could be fun! Let me know what you think and if this could be an actual category.


It already exists as a Low% category, it would likely never be a Category Extension unless there was significant interest in it. If you would like to join the Low% discord server, you can do that here:

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i think the min musics needed was counted, idk rn how much exactly was
i just know that it would require grady's discovery to do the first part of night metro without touching the ground, which is interestingly challenging

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KilleDragon can we just not do CRC to Morning Metro?


uhm CRC lol
indeed im pretty sure it doesnt realy save music if you change it by the floor-is-lava night metro where you get only 1 music more, because you need night desert music to get into

but ey we compensate it with cap CRC in the very first minute of the run if it is posible to save the frog room music lets