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I made a Minimum Captures run which got rejected (I'm totally fine with it, it really lagged a lot). I have a very bad PC and a Elgato HD which had not a built-in encoder. I will do my run next time:
-Not on Stream
-Without a timer (is that fine @modaration)
-with OBS only

Do you have any better ideas what I can do (except of buying a new PC, Capture Card, etc.)? I don't want to film my gameplay with a phone or camera because mine are bad too.
I appreciate every answer.


On elgato i changer the resolution and put it at 30 fps, it might do a difference.

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@PainPitaPainPita would be a good idea if I hadnt already done this. But okay you couldnt know
thx anyways


I'm unsure if this works for Elgato cards but try recording with Elgato's own software?

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That could work. Also lowering the bitrate in OBS will help. It will lower the overall video quality a little, but it will definitely help with the lag

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