what do you need on a save file to start KFRTA (checkpoints and stuff)

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first thing you need is a wp file with wooded snow first with all the moon rocks broken.
cap: tophat tower cp
sand: cp right next to the koopa (in front of the bullet bill poison subarea on the northeast of the kingdom
metro: isolated island cp with the painting
luncheon: top of the mountain cp (one right in front of the podoboos with the canon that takes you to the big pot)
bowsers: beneath the keep cp
moon chapel cp (one right to the left of the entrance)

watch through wr to make sure you have all the paintings set up.

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oh yeah, and make sure you do all the koopas twice before your first run so you dont collect the moons

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can't you just not break the moon rock and only do each koopa once

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lol is true
actualy, you dont need to win the races, so there is no rules breaked while doing that, no?
maybe if the animation of the moon rock apear, is timelost for the player, but continue being legit