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Complete the VR by getting all 9 musicians. You have to bring peace to the Seaside and Luncheon kingdoms to unlock all three kingdoms in VR. Resetting is also easy, you just save the file with peace in Seaside & Luncheon to the other 4 files BEFORE you complete anything in VR, and you can reset. In my opinion, timing should start when you select your first kingdom to do in VR, and should end on the black fadeout after you get the 9th musician. What are your thoughts on this idea?

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I...Don't have 1.3 yet lol

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Oh, nevermind. Great idea! I will do a run as fast as possible!


The problem here is video proof. You can not record the Switch while flailing it around unless insane memorization occurs. This is a great idea except for this fatal flaw

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it's virtually impossible to record, but otherwise this would be a top tier meme category

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You can use the switch record feature but wouldn't that mean it's a segmented run?


Switch record doesn't work in VR


I just tested it and it does. I have no idea what you are talking about.

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How did you record it @16bitPanda You have to move around with the Switch and you have to take the Switch out to play it.

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You can camera reset to where Mario is with the right stick, that’s the only way you can play without moving the Switch around


@Otterstone_Gamer I think he’s talking about the 30 second clips you can record on the Switch


someone recording a run like that would be the greatest heckposting this community has ever seen