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A "speedrun" based on Lucidityy's YouTube meme videos:
Basically, complete all the objectives he says while not using more of Mario's moveset than he does. For example, in Cap Kingdom, Lucidityy doesn't let Mario ground pound, crouch, roll, dive, or Cappy dive. However, he adds dive and Cappy dive in Cascade Kingdom.
The run would end when you reach the Luncheon painting in Wooded Kingdom.
Thoughts? Kappa


I do like the idea but his tutorial is very long which means the rules would be very long and specific. Plus, what do we about him skipping all the way into Luncheon Kingdom?


Categories with rules this arbitrary are rarely fun and rarely get more than one or two people to run them.

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what do you mean when you reach the luncheon painting? is it when you touch the painting?

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@Acid I'm pretty sure that's what he means is when you go through the painting.


but the "konami kode" doesn't work


Since the "konami code" doesn't work, the run would end as soon as you reach the empty painting.