Ah, okay. Well then let me rephrase my question I guess. Does "Found With Lake Kingdom Art" count as a Lake moon or a Cascade moon? In your run, you count it as a Cascade moon. I personally think it should count as a Lake moon. My reasoning is that the game considers it a Lake moon, despite it actually being found in Cascade.

So in my route, I grab 6 moons in Cascade (one of them technically being a Lake Moon), and I only grab 7 moons in Lake.

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Ah, okey, now I understand the question
Well, tecnicaly, you should be not supose to take it from lake until reach to lake
Yeah, this is a NG+ , but I dont thing it count like that
I should say that, doesnt mattering what moon is, if you found the moon in cascade, count as 1 moon of cascade, and no for any other kingdom


Before completing the game, the lake hint art moon in cascade does not count as a moon to deposit in your inventory unless you are in lake kingdom. Once you complete the game, you can deposit moons from any kingdom into the odyssey.

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Yeah, and this is of NG+ , being postgame, when we finish the game, so what I say I think is the best idea yeah


Ah okay. That makes sense. Well I'm going to change my routes for Cascade and Lake then. At this point I've done a few runs. I'm just waiting until I get a half-way decent one to upload--still just trying to remember my routes. I plan on uploading a run and commentating/giving my thoughts on it. So far I'm having fun with this!

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