Well, I dont know if this was one of those category that alredy exist before in the leaderboard and been removed, but yeah, I give here the idea I just randomly remember now

Basicaly the idea of finish the game as fast as posible like in Any%, but beign in a started count
You have to go per kingdom to kingdom in the Any% order, having to get all the moons needed in a normal game to can go to the next one
For example, starting with Cascade, you have to take there at least 5 moons to can go back the odyssey and go to sand, then there 16 to go to lake/wooded, 8 in lake and 16 in wooded, etc.
The moons you take can be alredy taked before, what also is the best for the run, being not needed the cutescene for each moon
I think that Cap and Cloud been completly skipped of the category because there are no moons there, but that can be discussed in all case
You also doesnt have to actualy battle with any boss in except of with Bowser in moon kingdom
Efectivetly, just after finish Bowser with the needed 8 moon (or more if you want LUL), you have to go to moon, and do the final part of the Any% of beat Bowser and of the part with Bowser as a capture
In case of all the category be as well as I mentioned it, the time should start when you go to Cascade, probably when you select the world in the odyssey world map, and end like in Any% with the last pylon on the escape

Well, want to know what mods and the comunity think about the category idea, ifmaybe is a good idea or if maybe there is a reason to doesnt be liked or something like that, and by the way there you have if someone look it like good idea want to run it 🙂
I maybe run it some of those days if I prove it and I like the idea, I will send the propose to the actual doc the moderators créate for the category


so to clarify: you start from a luncheon file then go back to cap/cascade and touch 5 moons go to next kingdom etc.

this sounds hard to keep track of moons

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@Cursed1701Cursed1701 no no, you start in a completed file, and do that of NG+ in all the kingdoms, inclusive including in Bowser´s Kingdom
As much as, you can start with a moon one, but the idea is that you finish with Bowser with the painting if you also alredy finish with it before, because with the painting that you can found, you can beat Bowser and beat the game rescuing the princess Peach as many times as you want (poor Peach LUL xd)
And think that also the moon rocks exist: you can take the moon of the moon rocks in a NG+ run, getting the fastest moons for this category
Sorry if im not well explaining this in english
But yeah, thats the idea

And, yeah, to do a nice run, maybe can be hard to keep nice th track of the moons; in all case, that make the category very interesting to practice it and to run it, no?
Well, im not very sure of how hard can be, but probably youre true yeah


do you have any intention of running this category? right now the rules sound very very open and not perticularly well defined

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Yeah, we should probably have to clarify/definify bettter the rules before

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Okey, im also not good conjugating verbs okey? XD


Just kidding bro it’s aight

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So essentially, it would be like this:

- Use a file that is complete through at least the Any% route
- Start time when selecting Cascade
- Collect 5 moons from Cascade, 16 from Sand, 8 from Lake, 16 from Wooded, 10 from Lost, 20 from Metro, 10 from Snow, 10 from Seaside, 18 from Luncheon, 3 from Ruined, and 8 from Bowser's
- Go to Moon Kingdom, enter Bowser's Painting to complete the game
- Time ends on capturing the pylon at the end of the escape sequence

Am I right on this? If so, I've got two questions. If moons can be recollected, how can you verify that someone isn't cheating? I feel like maybe the moons need to be new moons. Especially, since the moon rock moons exist for this kind of run.

The other question, is the order of kingdoms strict? If you make it so they have to go to the Odyssey after each kingdom that could make it linear, however, it might be more enjoyable to leave it open to those that want to use the paintings to warp to each kingdom since every kingdom except Ruined can be accessed through the paintings.

Once those two are worked out, I wouldn't mind doing a run to see how I feel about it. It sounds fun to me. Could be a fun 248 moon category (since you would already have 124 from Any%).

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Lost and Moon can't be accessed through paintings either

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@RampantEpsilonRampantEpsilon it would be kinda dumb collecting new moons when someone already has them all and he does not want to beat the any% category yet again so i think collected moons should count even when the musician moons cant be collected again but in metro there are 64 moons which makes metro being the second kingdom with the most power moons

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Yeah, exactly what you say 🙂 😃 xd

For the first one, well, im not sure of that of "cheating" and what did you mean can be do it as cheat, so pls explain me; but, in all case, yeah, the moon rocks are there
So, yeah, the moons of the moon rocks can be taked and they count for the counter, any of those moon is aviable, doent having the moons transition in except of with the shop ones
And, well, i dont know if this can do realy hard for mods to verificate, but realy all those can be taked before
That can be a bit different, but I think those are the oficial rules, being an "NG+", basicaly you can play it in your maxed 100% count (if you have it that yes LUL xd) and aproach the file using all what is there, so yeah, that´s it

In respect of the second one, until if is in a maxed counted, being like an Any% but in NG+ , yeah, I think you have to continue the exact order of the worlds, only skipping the ones without moons

And, betwen, should be probably very nice, but why 248 LUL
Literaly the doublé of 124 xd

I hope this answered all your questions, in except of the idea of the cheat


2 Things:
1) I think It should start with cap
2) Many story moons can only be gotten once

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@Crafty12345Crafty12345 okey:

1) This is based on get the moons in NG+ , and, I dont know if you realice, or maybe i forgot something, I dont know, but there are no moons needed in cap XD ; so, yeah, in this NG+ there is no reason to go to Cap, is useless cause you doesnt have to do nothing there

2) Okey, so doesnt gt those story moons 🙂 you have to take the moon of that kingdom, but you doesnt need to take yes or yes that story moons, there are a lot of other moons you can take



What I meant by cheating, was say someone has max moons and max coins fixing to do an Any% NG+ run. They could in theory splice the best times they got for each kingdom across multiple attempts because there wouldn't be a good failsafe to catch them on it. Since there's 880 total moons in the game, I felt that maybe treating this as a post Any% would be the better option since you can track newly aquired moons.

After thinking more about this, you could state in the rules for it something like, the coin count must be below XXXX coins for verification purposes. However, that might be a slight inconvenience before starting a run. I say slight, because you could just kill Mario repeatedly to lower the count if needed.

As far as running it in order of the kingdoms, I think I can understand why you want that to be in order like the main game since this would be Any% NG+. Perhaps if people like this we could look at splitting into No Paintings and Paintings? (Mainly because I like the thought that new routes could be comprised for this that might not follow even Dark/Darker Side routing.)

@Crafty12345Crafty12345 The only way I think starting with Cap should happen is if you make the player go to the top of the hat and complete a moon up there. However, I kinda feel like this is redundant since this is an Any% NG+ and NG+ runs don't always follow the strict rules of the main category.

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Okey, so I run it
A completly improvised run, maybe thinked a bit while preparing to run it, but I doesnt practice it absolutely anything and I doesnt prepare any nice route, all what I goot been by the way, thinking on what was able to do
So stupid cases in the run
Have to say the worst been in Luncheon with the stupidful subzone and with the fact of that I got 2 moon more tan needed XD ; in general it been my longest kingdom of all yeah, inclusive realy more longer than city

I advice I do something strange in the odyssey map to go in good order going also first to lake tan to wooded
In all case, should be allowed to decide the order into lake and wooded, as well as into snow and seaside
Time: 51:06

Betwen there is separated in 2 videos because my mobile separe it if have a duration of more tan 33:07 , so f
Inclusive maybe should be not allowed because of that
In all case, been all consecutive

Maybe help someone to understand by the way

In fine, there is it
nice, but have to improve it like a lot xdxd
I Will submit it to the doc yeah

ps: i got a fail in the PC and lost the splits… f
To retime it again xd


This category actually sounds pretty fun. I may give it a try this weekend. Gives me something to do on my 100%'d casual file, and lets me experience something similar to Any% but without cutscenes. Routes would probably be significantly different in some kingdoms. I watched a little bit of your run and noticed that seed moons are very good, as they're basically just a bunch of free moons right next to each other.

Some questions about rules:

Can you collect a moon more than once? For example, can I grab the three seed moons in Sand Kingdom, warp to the Plaza checkpoint, and then grab the three seed moons again? I assume not. That would be pretty lame.

And what about shop moons? Are those banned? Can I buy one from each kingdom? Can I buy 10 from each kingdom? 20? Obviously it would be really lame to just start a run with 9999 coins, buy 20 shop moons in each kingdom, and then go fight Bowser. So this is something we probably need to clarify in the rules.

One thing that sounds annoying is having to keep track of my moons, since the HUD isn't going to keep track of it for me. But at least it's not as bad as Hardcore Talkatoo%, where you literally have to do math to make sure you have the right number of moons.

And yes, this run will probably be annoying to verify. The mod will have to count each moon and make sure you don't break any rules. But again, Talkatoo% is probably still worse to verify, and that's my favorite category, so...

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@Ocarinist_DrewOcarinist_Drew nice! GL in your run 😃

- No, I also think it in some, but, well, until if you take it, each moon only count for once in this category, so nope, if not it should be very OP in some cases yeah XD

- Well, at least 1 for each shop you can take, but I wasnt think on the infinites…
In all case, it doesnt count as a diferent moon, so should be like take 10 times the same LUL
So basicaly the most logical is to be allowed to take just 1 for each shop
In all case, it give you a new moon, witch then you put into the odyssey and all of that, so I doesnt recommended it so much yeah
In all case 1 for each one is perfectly allowed

- And, yeah, well, is not the first time I hear that of thye track, probably Will be a realy hard part of the any% NG+ ; in all case, by the momento you just have to be good with that and move it nice; in fine, in all case, inclusive that hard add to the category can make it realy interesting, no?

And, yeah, also realice before about of that, sometimes will be hard to count it for the verification, true
In all case, i continue running without think so much on that, but that is the election of the mods by the moment
In all case, I dont know if they realy look for the entire run or something like that in aprox. to verificate it, cause if not there can be some cheat in some of the parts, but they can just count it to verificate it
Okey, I doesnt criticate the mods work because of that (by the moment and in that case), and probably not, but I dont know
In all case, can be verificated
And is true that probably should be harder to verificate the hardcore talkatoo% one

(ps: stop comparing with hardcore talkatoo% that at this point they should finish deleting it for the leaderboard because of anoying verification XD)

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Another question:

What's the deal with Hint Art moons? If I grab Found With Dark Side Art 1, located in Cascade Kingdom, does it count towards my 5 Cascade moons?

What if I grab Found With Lake Kingdom Art (also located in Cascade Kingdom)? Does that count towards my Cascade moons or my Lake moons? Or both? or neither?

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@Ocarinist_DrewOcarinist_Drew for the last question:
Yeah, why not; is more, I take it in my run and count it
It just is 1 moon more, like any other 1 you can take
It is an NG+ , what mean you play it in an started filed, normaly where been beated at least until Bowser´s scape (it incluide), so you can change it as much as you want before to start with the run
So basicaly any unique moon Will be posible to be taked and to count as 1 moon more until we found something have to be disallowed
So the same with any one you maybe should have a question about it: yes, any one is allowed to be taked