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So, 10 and 11 captures in minimum captures has been added, what about 12? I'm tired of having to get 1.0.0 all the time, so please add 12 so people on 1.3.0 can also do something.


10 captures = Minimum on 1.0 with 2p mode
11 captures = Minimum on 1.1-1.3 with 2p mode
13 captures = Minimum on 1.0 without 2p mode
14 captures = Minimum on 1.1-1.3 without 2p mode
12 captures isn't the minimum of any ruleset, so it doesn't really have a reason to exist

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Oh, I totally Forgot you have enough Moons when you collect the painting Moon. Sorry!!!

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Actually 1.1 can do nut jumps but other than that, Iwer explains it perfectly

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You can do an rcc (roll cancel clip) to get the first moon without the chain chomp in 1.1 @conmangamer22

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You can collect the first moon in 1.3/1.2 without capturing the chain chomp. It's just very hard

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Would be nice to have a 12 captures if somebody was discover a new improve to skip another capture, like the ruins electricity thing or the bird of the Bowsers kingdom :v xd


Mmmm… all the minimum captures are skiping the first moon skip, no?

So a choise for 12 captures, por example, would be going to do a 11 captures style run but using 1 capture more to not need glitches for the first moon, doing the broodal mum skip but not doing the nut skip.

This yes, would be not going to be literaly "mínimum posible" captures, so realy, I dont look to Will be going to be added, but by the way I give my idea, to be in that :v xd


every time you type you have a stroke what?

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