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So, I thought of a new category idea called All Moons No Story (It could also be called All Moons NSM, NSM meaning No Story Moons)

The goal is to collect every power moon possible to collect without collecting any story moons. (The Cascade Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, and Bowser's Kingdom story moons and the mechawiggler moon are allowed, because they can't be skipped.)

This would be different from normal All Moons and All Moons NPG because there's some moons that aren't supposed to be collected without getting any story moons but are possible. (Ex: Pyramid Clip to get the inverted mural moon, sequence breaking in Wooded Kingdom to get to certain subareas, etc.)

Timing begins when selecting "Start" on a new file and ends when you collect the last power moon.

(Also, can somebody do a run of it, I didn't have time to do one)

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The run death in metro
Just there´s no way to beat metro getting there 20 moons without first kill the Mecha-Wiggles and take that multimoon that count as a story moon
The only way is to use the CRC glitch to doesnt have to do it like in min caps in 3 caps, but for that you need earlier to active the painting in sand, so you have to take the multimoon of the sand broodal boss, another story moon
To inform by the way, until if it been solved, you lost in ruined
There yes that there´s no way to avoid that kingdom story moon, just you have to reach there, and when you are there, you need 3 moons, and you only can get 1 of those 3 moons without the dragon multimoon
And, until worst, in Bowser kingdom
Imagine you get a hack to get at instant as much moons as you want; well, until with this, to out of Bowser Kingdom, literaly you have to continue before with the story beating the mecha broodal and getting that multimoon, another story moon one; this is just obligatory to get it to active the posibility of get to another kingdom

It sound nice at start, but then you realice there´s not way to advance so much like that

In all case, curious category…
I am curios of how many moons is posible to take in the game without get any story moon, having in count that you cant advance of the metro kingdom in execp of like 5 moons of there or something like that
If we count cloud and lost and cap, nice


You would be allowed to get the story moons in Cascade, Ruined and Bowser's, and you can get the mechawiggler moon. I said that earlier.

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I think the hardest part of the run would be doing pyramid clip to get the moons inside the inverted pyramid

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This seems like a cool idea because it's like a shorter amnpg and it's not arbitrary (the story moons that you collect are required by the game). We should compile a list of required moons and make a route. It can be discussed in the discord instead of here on the forums.

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Like in AMNPG, moons locked behind skips would not be required. For AMNPG that's the Snow and Seaside painting moons, for this category it would be the moons inside the Inverted Pyramid; Luncheon Spewart could also be allowed (though not required) since there's no skipless route that avoids him

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@SuperMarioGuy4SuperMarioGuy4 okey, so realy nice, completly agree with @04dude304dude3
Yeah, the ones of Metro, ruined and all of Bowser

By the way, in respect of the Cascade ones… yeah, well, okey, I also think is better to add it, but have to say is posible to skip Madame Broodal, while realy difficult steps for every of 5 moons
You can look it in min caps (ex.: 3 caps)
In all case, also true, I forgoted that yes or yes is needed the first story moon of cascade, is true!
How I forgoted that…
So literaly should be only posible to take 4 moons without take any story moon XD
So sad, f


In all case, if is more like a shorter NPG...
I think it should be easier if just the idea is to get until the last story moon, getting world peace, and all the moons before just this last one
For example, in cascade, play it until the last, in this case, madame broodal, and you only have to get of there the moons that are posible to get before this one; for example, you doesnt have to get the timer challenge´s ones
Also, you doesnt have to come back to cap or cloud or anyone of those to get more moons

Not a good idea? I dont know if its understable

Ps: curious cases like lost or moons you play it like the actual NPG one


You can only skip the cascade multimoon in 2 player mode; this category will be in 1 player mode

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@IwerSonschIwerSonsch I don't see a reason to take out the inverted pyramid moons; Including them would make the run more interesting (since you have to do pyramid clip)

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@04dude304dude3 well, true if you put that rule, but nowhere put cant be activated 2P 🙂
Only in case of have to be skiped, of course


By the way, there are actualy 2 ways to enter to pyramid without open the door LUL, so nice xd


In fine, also true that to put the rules we should have to move the discussion to discord