We already have darker side dupes, but could we also add dark side dupes?


That’s pointless

  [user deleted]

Dark side is already a short category, duplicating moons in the category would 1.) make it shorter. 2.) make it less fun. 3.) destroy the purpose of collecting moon. This wont become a thing, i hope. Also, why not just move darker side dupes as a sub category on Darker side?


- Please make descriptive titles
- It has been considered
- We don't add categories without runs
- First, classical Dark Side is getting popular, then we'll see

- Moving Darker Dupes to a subcat in Darker is being considered
- Check out the Discord

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I might try routing this and running it to see if its any fun.

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as a subcategory of min caps, 12 caps, for 2p glitchless and 15 caps, for 1p glitchless

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