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This is also known as dry%. You have to finish Super Mario Odyssey without touching bodies of water, lava, poison or quicksand. This changes the route in Cap (Frog Skip), Sand (Quicksand Skip), Lake (All the water sections), Wooded (No flooded pipes), Seaside (All the water sections) and Luncheon (Can't have lava bubbles touching lava). To make this harder, I've said that you can't touch the water while in a capture either. I have people from my stream that say they will do the run when it's in pending. A run can be found here: I have submitted it to be added. With this video here, could some other people do a run of this so it makes it more likely to be added. Thank you!


Beat the game without touching water, lava, poison or quicksand. Rain and spray from waterfalls is allowed. You cannot touch the mentioned liquids while in a capture either.

Timing begins when selecting "Start" on a new file and ends when you shoot out of the electric wire in the escape sequence.

Use of Amiibo, Assist Mode and 2P are banned.

The use of saves to prevent getting wet is allowed:

You may use a safety save that has to be created during the run and before the getting wet happens. This safety save shall only be reloaded once, but another one may be created afterwards.

All runs require video proof.

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so its any% but cap is a bit different, lake varies a little, and thats it?

i don't think this is different enough from any% to be viable as a category

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Cap Changes: No water in frog-area
Cascade: Only fail potential is accidentally falling in water by bridge.
Sand: None
Lake: Basically most of the kingdom
Wooded: Pipeway and waterfall/brook after shop moon
Cloud: N/A
Lost: N/A
Metro: N/A, likely won’t count rain.
Snow: Water on way to toad, potential water in hollow crevace for beginner runs.
Seaside: A good majority of the kingdom
Luncheon: N/A
Ruined: N/A
Bowser’s: Small body of water by pokios at main courtyard entrance, only fail potential.
Moon: N/A

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I haven't actually looked into lake and seaside, but if the routes are unique and interesting enough, maybe the category could be an il of lake/seaside (separated by sub-category). If the route is very similar to any% in either of the kingdoms, then we shouldn't push for it to be on the lb imo.

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So, basicsly, without count fails, the change is that you have to change completly the routes of lake and seaside, apart of probably the cap frog part beat it without frog because of the water and change a little bit the way to reach to Toad and to the holl in snow without touch that water
Well, I dont know if is enough change for a category, but it sound interesting in respect of those 2 kingdoms and a half

In all case, that yes, I propose that including the captures of Mario cant touch the water, if not doing downthrows and things like that you just have to change the swon one and be a bit prudent with the captures
Or, also a solution for the downthrows: to cappy also cant touch the water

Well, the Seaside Kingdom I can tell you its perfectly posible to take there more than 10 moons without touch the water, inclusive you can do it without capture or touch in any moment the water octopus if you think that count like to touch the water xd
In respect of the Lake Kingdom, that in 1P would be a bit harder I think, but I imagine that at least 8 moons have to be posible also there, no?
The rest there is no problema

Ps: @ArgoLyteArgoLyte I dont think the rain count, but if you want, you can alos do CRC glitch in city going earlier with the sand panting, to be the minimum time posible with it xd

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Lake and Seaside could be interesting but the rest is virtually identical to any%. It reminds me of the suggestion of doing Sand kingdom without touching the sand. Maybe some more ideas like this could be combined to make a full run that is interesting with unique routing.

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@BlipBlip oh, that sound nice...
Strange for a leaderboard, but would be nice to take the best challenge for every kingdom and do a run where all of those are combined yeah XD


Well, so, in respect of the lake one, I been proving it for a bit, and by the way recorded showing it, imrpovised, looking and proving for the moons can be taked without touch the water

Including the multimoon of broodal figth, there are exactly 8 pre-broodal+broodal moons that can be taked, so we pass it! 😃
And 2 more of the timer and of the painting (nice jump by the way yeah) only after the broodal attack

I think its not posible to take any moon more without touch the wáter, taking of course that we cant do the lakitu fishing on the lake one, cause he is touching the water yeah xd

If anyone discover any more, pls advice me, that should be so nice 😃

Ps: look at Mario at the final of the video happily in the water 🙂 / I realice is very of bad people to doesnt allow Mario to enjoy it XD

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Okey, if we count also lava and all of that, it looks realy nice to do it yeah
It change more tan can seems soemone at first

Have to say I also realice you cant enter to the water zone of wooded lmao
So nice

By the way, just now realice the moon of the box in lake…
Realy how I doesnt think in that! XD
So better, now are 6+3+2

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My PB at the moment is 1:43:02 but someone else that I know has a 1:30:47 doing it!

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