Stra% Luncheon problem

If I'm trying to make the trickjump in Luncheon for Star% I always get bubbled. Is there a way to avoid it?. (I'm on 1.3) tHANKS

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Western Australia, Australia

afaik the trick is impossible on 1.3. Might be wrong though

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Massachusetts, USA

You can do it in early lunch 1.3, however it's insanely hard. You cannot touch the actual island itself or the wall will spawn, so you have to do it in 2p from the painting and make it by capturing the lava bubble.

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Down, Northern Ireland

You need to go into 2P and do it, if you cant then imo the best thing to do is any% and go thru the painting

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Minnesota, USA

yeah you basically can't do it in 1.3. if you want to do it you should go to an earlier version of the game or just do any% until luncheon

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