Question about legality
2 months ago
Maryland, USA

Hi all, I am new to the speedrun community, and was looking at the minimum cap any% 1st place run by Gorganin, when I noticed that he had a hacked switch. Is this allowed? Even if he says there are no hacks, they might just not be noticeable. This has happened in the FNaF:SB community, where one runner made a jump that everybody else thought was impossible. Turns out that runner had adjusted the jump height just a fraction of an inch, but that was enough to get Gregory on top of the box to make the jump. Is it possible that Gorganin did something similar with the speed or something to loer his time? Just a random thought I had. Thanks!

Ohio, USA

man, I'm new, I've got no clue, but I would recommend not calling out other runners, even if you're just wondering, as it's looked down upon in most games. no big issue, just advice for the future.

He/Him, She/Her
2 months ago

yes hacked switches are allowed

Śląskie, Poland

Calling out a wr holder is bonkers

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Toronto, ON, Canada
She/Her, They/Them, It/Its
1 month ago

Next time instead of making a forum ask a mod in the discord server

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