Before this becomes an issue, how will this community stand on the topic of emulation?
As you can see by the channel behind this video:
, the switch emulators are getting closer every day to being able to run odyssey. Will we flat out ban emulation, make a separate category, or allow it like other communities? I know this currently isn't a big issue, but I thought it would be good to discuss it before it became a big issue.


we'll almost certainly ban it

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@DryYoshi why wouldn't there just be a category split?


@Sizzyl There most likely won't be a category split due to not all computers not being the same and emulators being inaccurate to real consoles. So for a category split there would be system requirements. Also people would most likely not run this category, since 1. they would rather just play on a console and 2. Most people wouldn't want to potentially damage their game when, they have invested hours into it


On top of that, emulators generally aren't that accurate for more recent consoles.

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@Unbones this isn't for rn its for the future, and @dryyoshi ik what u mean which is why there would be a catagory split for emus.


like for when someone might have sold their switch


yuzu is making good progress but it's not practical. I don't think it's even possible to complete runs on it, it's too inaccurate.


i suspect if the emulator does somehow get good enough and someone can make an auto-splitter to cut out performance differences in load times, then it could probably have its own category, but it honestly doesn't need to be discussed now because it affects no one


@Cursed1701 I made this thread to get that discussion years ahead out of the way.

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I think it would make sense to wait until emulator becomes a viable thing to discuss whether or not to allow it so that we have the proper context of the situation

Edit: Also, emulators are usually banned for any recent game regardless of how accurate they are for verification and legal reasons so it would be a very long while until emulators are considered acceptable for this game.

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Currently, Switch Emulators are emulated on high end pc.

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We should probably just ban emulators for now, and discuss this when they become accurate enough.


@ FilipeTales not related with this post but are you that person that presses. 1 and 2 a lot


At this point, an emulator for such a recent game would take a long time to build and would be pretty inaccurate, if it is allowed then people can easily edit or mod their emu and it would probably run extremely differently. I'm willing to bet that there will be certain skips/glitches that only work on emu and loads others that only work on a console.
PS: It's probably better to discuss this in #rule-discussions of the speedrunning discord, that way more people are there to debate and we get the opinion of the most amount of people in the community we can.


Wouldn't it become a separate category with the all of the runs being ran on the same emulator with the same ROM?


@Awesomikey, it wouldn’t be same rom because that would be promotig something illegal(which emus aren’t)


Oh. I'm smort.

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The progress is VERY fast, this is now an actual topic to discuss.