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For me to actually get all the kingdoms its own file, I have to fill up literally all my switch profiles with practice files. I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong pls help am dumb

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Lol lmao exactly the same than @PhobicPhobic
But, in all case, if the problema is the insuficence of fills, you normally create another counts of Nintendo Switch to play it lmao;
The problem? Literally we have ALL THE 8 COUNTS USED. Literally, we have count for me, my brother, my sister, my other sister, my mother, my father, my cousine and a friend that sometimes come to home.
probably I can use the count of my friend, but apart from that, you can look it XD

I look in twitch that some speedrunners, lke for example @ChaospringleChaospringle, all the times they change of world or the TP to the Odyssey or any checkpoint, the checkpoints and the moons been restarted.
How can this been?

@16bitPanda16bitPanda dude dont be as rude XD


the reason it restarts is because they are using a practice rom like in Zelda.

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@kcajkcaj practice room????
Lol lmao, I would like to have it.
How can I get it?


Once you have the door open, go in to the room and if there's a computer in there you can watch this video that explains how to get the practice mod set up

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I have activated the codes but how do they work. How do I make them work? Any inputs? I haven't found a place where we can see that information. Thanks in advance

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